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The t-shirt in red – a garment with history

The t-shirt in red – a garment with history

Hardly any garment has survived the story as long as the T-shirt. It was already worn several millennia ago in ancient Egypt and repeatedly taken up. The today known T-shirt in red, blue-green and other colors with the classic cut in T-shape comes from the 19th century. At that time, it was worn as a warming undershirt and should protect the skin from the cold. But where does the trend come from? T-shirt not as underwear, but to use as outerwear, is not clear. The hype around that T-shirt but in the 20th century it finally flared up in the 1950s: the popular actors James Dean and Marlon Brando wore the trendy shirts in their films. Now it was only a matter of time before more and more people decided to wear the garment as outerwear. The designers responded immediately and T-shirts in red, blue, green and many other colors were created. With pictures and imprints or without – the selection was and still is great.

Use the t-shirt in red as a popular basic

They are made of pure cotton, flatter the skin, are insensitive and easy to care for – T-shirts are the perfect companion in every situation. Especially popular is the T-shirt in red with a round neck or a V-neck. Not only adults, but also children appreciate the comfortable garment. A particular advantage is the versatility that the T-shirt in red offers. It can be worn with casual jeans as well as shorts or a skirt. Men and women alike like to use the T-shirt in red as a highlight of their outfit. The color red itself is in the fashion of passion and is a popular signal color. It attracts attention and serves as an accessory at the same time. If you do not like it that much, you can also choose the t-shirt in red with a pattern of stripes. Matching the t-shirt in red are garments in muted colors. In combination with white creates a beautiful maritime look. Brown and black, on the other hand, emphasize the strong red and also yellow or green can harmonize with a t-shirt in red. Especially with a timeless color like red, experiments are welcome and there may also be shown courage to colorful.