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The vucked bag as a casual and practical companion

The vucked bag as a casual and practical companion

For a spacious bag that holds more than just keychain and purse, it is the bucket bag (also called bucket bags). This makes it the ideal companion for many ladies, because it is a real miracle by its generous cut. With a length-adjustable strap, the pouch can be carried either by hand, in the crook of the arm or simply on the shoulder.

In its characteristic appearance, the pouch comes without buckles or zipper. Rather, most models have a practical drawstring in the form of a loop threaded through eyelets. Meanwhile, there are also models with integrated zipper, whose design is more similar to the look of a bag, while the actual pouch bag is typically shaped bag-like. This is exactly what makes their charm and ensures that it can be worn both as a handbag and as a replacement for a backpack. In any case, she is big enough to be able to stow her make-up bags, tablets or documents. However, it never seems unwieldy, but is lightweight and comfortable wearable.

Whether maritime from canvas to sunglasses and sailing shoes, with velvet details and ethnic patterns to bandana and flip flops, or as an elegant leather model as an alternative to sheath dress and pumps – the combination options are as versatile as the colors and patterns of the bucket pockets, Different compartment divisions inside the bag also ensure that despite the spacious interior, you never lose track of everything and always have it at hand.