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Tigha T-shirts

Tigha T-shirts

Trend-oriented, progressive and authentic – this is how the T-shirts of the young successful label are tigha, The brand grew up with their innovative leather jackets, which are now complemented with casual women’s and men’s T-shirts with cutting-edge fits, so you’re ready for the summer too.

This is how men combine their tops trend-consciously

Real eyecatchers with creative print motifs that spice up every outfit are the men’s T-shirts from Tingha. The basic colors are usually kept classic, so that the tops can be combined in many ways despite the unusual motif. Wild color gradients or futuristic prints adorn the trend parts. These models look like black slim fit pants and Chelsea boots. But Tigha also offers tons of plain shirts for men, which you can combine in many ways. Discover gray, white and black classics, which are great for both the leather jacket and the hoodie.

Extravagant Tigha T-shirts for rocking women’s looks

Even the ladies can score thanks to the successful label with unusual designs. How about, for example, a skull with Mickey Mouse ears or a cool raven print? Such a gloomy tigha T-Shirt is the perfect combo partner for a rugged biker look. If you are looking for a discreet part, then take a look at the plain-colored long-shirts. Due to their waisted shape they conjure a very feminine look. They look great on skinny jeans or leggings, for example.