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Tights in black – classic meets modern details

Tights in black – classic meets modern details

A tights in black can do much more than you might expect at first glance. As a classic sheer tights she likes to be used under short skirts and dresses, because the leg is elegantly emphasized and yet covered. A tights in black even has the advantage that it hardly gives a view of the legs and therefore provides a more complete look. If you want to enhance this effect even more, opts for opaque tights. An opaque tights in black is especially recommended for autumn and winter looks, because these models keep nice and warm. So ladies have the opportunity to wear short dresses or their favorites from the summer even on cold days and enjoy so many fashionable freedom. In addition, a tights in black, of course, for a classic Businesslok a true classic. Fine costumes and pencil skirts are skillfully rounded off by the tights and the style looks very classy. For this reason, these models are gladly used not least in the evening. Here they round off short cocktail dresses or even score with a shape effect under tight-fitting dresses.

Find a fancy tights in black

While a simple tights in black are used more as accessories or simple additions, conspicuous variants are often the focus. For example, those who wear fishnet tights under a midi skirt can be sure that this look will catch their eye. Fashionably not so brave ladies, wear one such a model under a rocky destroyed jeans. Here, the tights in black flash only occasionally and discreetly and serves as a stylish accent. In addition, ladies will find a tights in black also with large patterns. Knitted tights with large-scale prints or patterns are absolutely trendy and have been part of the fashion world for several years now. Ladies, who like to wear simple dresses, can look forward to such a pantyhose for a real key piece, which enhances their own style. The same is true of long overknee stockings. Hold-up stockings made of opaque fabric are a good substitute for a classic tights in black, because at first glance, the difference is not visible. Especially in summer, they are therefore a good alternative, as they warm less than Tights,