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Tips How to Buy autumn clothes for work

Tips How to Buy autumn clothes for work

Do you have an appointment for a Saturday shopping with your best friend? If you are looking for new autumn clothing We want to quickly give you some inspiring tips on how to find clothing that fits perfectly to your shape. All are unique and there are tricks that you can use to hide your flaws and enhance your benefits. 

Long slender legs?
Top! You have been blessed with long, slender legs. Would you emphasize them even more? Then it is obvious that you should choose thigh high boots. Embrace reptiltrenden and carry them to an elegant dress. Or go for the classic black thigh-high boots and match with a cozy sweater and dress. Pantyhose are necessary now that it’s chilly out there. View our completecollection of benmode.

Do you have thicker thighs? Bet on jeans with high waist and a longer jacket. It makes your legs look longer and slimmer. 

Boost waist line
If you want a slimmer waist line is A linjeformen solution for you! Advantage: You can choose different options! You can choose either a dress or a skirt in this design. It is a good thing? A pattern makes you focus on other things. A dress with the sash is also a wise choice! Tip: do you want your dress to sit even better? A Figure-forming body or asmart cut dress is the solution!

Slender torso, Yes please
Oversize clothing always works! Take a big sweater or a sweater and select a pair of baggy pants. Oversize-size makes your face appear slimmer, and that’s the first thing you look at. Narrow face = slim body. Avoid tight jeans or shirts. 

Do you want to see further out?
Invest in a long dress and you’ll see further out. Long dress will be really long and end just above your feet. Combine this with beautiful accessories and the look is complete.

For example, a sash: a narrow sash is used to maintain the illusion of length, and do not forget: back straight, chest out! 

A clarification: Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in! Certainly it is good advice, but trust your own creativity to create the sleekest look. Think outside the box and stand out from the rest.