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Tommy Hilfiger T-Shirt – Casual in Basic or Vintage Style

Tommy Hilfiger T-Shirt – Casual in Basic or Vintage Style

American charm and fresh perspectives are equally shaping the collections of Tommy Hilfiger. Located between vintage and modern style, the Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt shows off the everyday look. Here, typical US colors meet sporty details and high-quality material compositions.

Tommy Hilfiger T-Shirt – timeless in the classic American look

Classic, unfussy and trend-setting – the “All-American Style” is what Tommy Hilfiger describes best. With the introduction of the first men’s collection in 1985, the fashion designer relies on a classically inspired look. The desire for casual wear suitable for everyday use has also been reflected in the women’s collection since 1996 and lays the foundation on which the collections are still being built. The Tommy Hilfiger T-Shirt is firmly integrated into the designer’s everyday life. Like no other piece, the Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt testifies to the claim of the international brand. Sometimes emphasized purist, sometimes maritime, the shirts can be quite unabashedly combined with Tommy Hilfiger jeans and Tommy Hilfiger pants. Characteristic for the individual pieces: Details visually complete the designs without making the shirts look overloaded.

Identification and creative power behind the label’s collections is its pride in its own history and American patriotism. With blue, red and white, US-typical compositions form the color basis for Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt and Co. In this all-American style of everyday clothing, the desire to express one’s own personality mingles. The brand’s portfolio includes plain basic models right next to the vintage-inspired Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt. Embroidered logo embroidery and prints in retro college design set the tone for casual denim wear. It becomes maritime with striped shirts with typical marine motifs like the anchor. The models are mostly made of pure cotton and with their figure-hugging cut complement the self-confident look. Round neck and muted tones are used as well as decorative V-neck and one or the other bright colors.