Thursday , 13 January 2022
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Trendy Beachwear – comfortable and still trendy

Trendy Beachwear – comfortable and still trendy

When the warm season comes, fluffy sweaters, long trousers and warm sweatshirts swap places with airy dresses and tops. Casual Beachwear comes back to service and accompanies us to extensive beaches and romantic places in the sun. Beachwear no longer fulfills the purpose of a necessary outerwear for bikinis and swimsuits, but has become a popular clothing trend. Light, flowing fabrics feel pleasantly cool on the skin. Cheerful, modern designs make for a decent look – whether on the way to the beach, for lunch in the restaurant or a drink at the beach bar at sunset. Effortless is the colorful beach dress by Comma or the airy tunic over. The matching sandals and chic sunglasses complete the beachwear outfit. For a sportier look, there’s a diverse selection of cheeky shorts from Pepe Jeans that can be easily combined with different tops.

Beachwear – comfortable and still trendy

Even if the dress code is slightly dressed, that does not mean that you have to walk along the beach with inappropriate and too liberal clothes. Beachwear is casual and comfortable and still always looks great. The selection of beachwear is as varied as the wearer herself; There are designs for all tastes – whether a playful playsuit or a maxi skirt with eye-catching print combined with a monochrome tube top by Only. Both are great for the evening walk on the beach after a hot summer day or the refreshing cocktail at the hotel pool. Beachwear is available in all sizes and styles – from the elegant tunic in delicate colors to the figure-hugging beach dress in tribal look. Any swimsuit or bikini, combined with casual shorts, will become the sporty outfit for the beach volleyball game. A maxi dress not only offers the highest wearing comfort, but with elegant accessories such as sunglasses, sunhat and sandals is the perfect outfit for the beach.