Thursday , 13 January 2022
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Trendy looks with flared jeans

Trendy looks with flared jeans

Fashionistas pay attention, the latest trend in the fashion world not only carries a sonorous name, but also delights with an unusual fit that peps up every look skillfully. Flared jeans are absolutely hip and look good on almost any figure.

Visually, they are reminiscent of the flares of the 60s and 70s and indeed there are some similarities. The pants are slim at the top and continue at about the same height as the knee, ending in a clearly flared shape. Not only does that make you look slimmer, it also greatly enhances the coolness factor. The pants are casual, individual and just the thing for lovers of the current Bohemian trend. Just as well a flared jeans can be worn very elegantly, for example by combining them with a chic silk blouse and a pair of leather slippers.

Also available as high-waist models are the pants, so you can emphasize the retro look even more. But there are also numerous flared jeans that sit comfortably on the hip. Most variants present themselves in different shades of classic denim blue. In addition, there are the jeans in black or bright trend colors. Sophisticated washes make for an extravagant look. The pants can be combined in many ways. They fit both casual boots as well as trendy platform shoes or comfortable sandals. Bring the flair of the 70s back into your wardrobe and become a trendsetter with the modern Flared Cut version of the flared trousers.