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Typhoon pants

Typhoon pants

Typhoon pants

For ladies who love modern designs with an individual touch, the stylish pants from Taifun are the perfect choice. The label is known for its keen sense of current trends, great fit and fresh ideas. The pants are always elegant and feminine, but also radiate a certain contemporary nonchalance.

A trousers by typhoon for every occasion

The label offers versatile trousers that you can wear on a variety of occasions. The high-quality trousers accompany you to the office, to festive events or at leisure. Created by the successful mixture of subtle colors such as gray and black, modern elements, such as shimmering surfaces and contemporary fits Typhoon pants that can be integrated into a wide variety of looks. With ankle boots and denim jacket, they become part of the casual everyday outfit, with blazers and pumps they look serious and elegant.

Fashionable by leisure with typhoon

Relaxed and casual jeans come from typhoon therefore. Bright denim blue and distinctive washings give these trend parts a very relaxed touch. Due to the figure-hugging cut, the jeans still look very feminine. These pants fit in everyday life wonderfully comfortable sneakers and a cuddly chunky cardigan.

It is extravagant and very up to date with the extremely wide-cut culottes of typhoonwho look great for a figure-hugging top. Combine with the pants Derby or Monocolor sneakers for a trendy look.