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Uniform or vintage look? Brown jeans enable both!

Uniform or vintage look? Brown jeans enable both!

The brown jeans should not be missing in a well-stocked wardrobe: it is easy to combine and therefore fits many occasions. In leisure time in combination with flat ballerinas or elegant with high heels for a glamorous appearance – brown jeans complete the outfit. In the color of the shoes numerous combinations are possible. If you like it consistently, you can, for example, orient yourself to the color of the top when choosing the right shoes: a pair of brown jeans with chic black shoes and a classy black T-shirt are enough to make a statement in the office or at the party. Who wears his top in his pants, can complement the look with a belt. He relaxes the overall picture and draws his attention to the brown pants. The warm color brown goes well with gold or silver tones. Even more shades of brown, which may be darker or lighter than the pants, are reflected in matching tops and pockets. Carriers of the vintage style of clothing, for example, choose a dark blue denim shirt or a beige bag for the jeans in brown, thereby enhancing the color of the trousers even more. Pants with a wash in the so-called “used look” are well suited for this style. They look deliberately used and old, which makes them so trendy.

The brown jeans are also suitable for celebrations

At celebrations, the brown jeans is also wearable. In this case, women choose a tight skinny jeans in a slim cut and combine the brown jeans with elegant accessories. For shoes, pumps or strappy heels with heels are suitable. The top should look noble, for example, by a lace ornament. A transparent tunic is also stylish. When it comes to jewelery you have a free hand: The simpler the clothing, the more spectacular it may fail. So you make a good figure as a woman – even without cocktail or evening dress. Brown jeans are also good for men: There are also numerous combination options to wear the brown jeans in the noble look. The brown jeans go out with a black jacket and elegant leather shoes. If you prefer a more rustic feel or are ready to party, you can combine the brown jeans with suede boots and a leather belt. A blue, beige or white shirt complete the overall picture.