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V-Neck Shirts shapes for men and women

V-Neck Shirts shapes for men and women

Among the classic neckline shapes for men and women, who are always happy to wear, belongs to the V-Neck, In the summer, deep variations are a real highlight, even for men’s shirts. In winter, however, it shows itself a little more discreet. He looks reputable but at the same time a nice change from the classic round neck.

The pointed shape of the neckline gives your look character. Soft shapes get a contrast. The neck can also look longer and make the face visually narrower. He can be found in all conceivable garments. For example, corresponding sweaters are often combined with blouses. The collar protrudes under the sweater and a small part of the buttoned blouse becomes visible. But T-shirts and dresses often have one V-Neck and present themselves in a variety of colors and styles.

For some garments, the neckline is accentuated by a contrasting hem or lace trim. With such models you can safely do without a chain. Here is the V-Neck already accessory enough. For evening dresses, particularly low-cut variants conjure up a gorgeous cleavage and give the dress a special character. Whether you’re casual or elegant, V-neck tops are easy to combine.