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Waist Pants

Waist Pants

Pants with different waist size

The right waist a pair of trousers has a decisive influence on the wearing comfort and the overall appearance of the outfit. Depending on the flexibility of the textiles used, it can also allow more or less room for maneuver. There are also pants with adjustable waist for a particularly good seat.

In Germany, waist sizes are given in so-called clothing sizes: a women's size 36 corresponds to, for example, a waistband circumference of 68 centimeters. The men have their own clothing sizes. A waistband of 80 centimeters here corresponds to size 46. Due to globalization but also many American brands can be purchased. Here the covenants are sometimes indicated in inches. This is especially common in jeans. If you are unsure which waistband is best for you, you can use a size chart. There you will get an overview of the different systems.