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Winter shoes for men

Winter shoes for men

Discover the latest men’s shoe trends. The selection of current collections is large: Sporty sneakers, fashionable half-boots or elegant lace-up shoes made of leather or suede. Browse through the diverse range of men’s shoes and find the perfect pair to emphasize your style.

Men’s shoes for every situation

On the Men’s shoes it matters – this is a much-preached wisdom that always comes true. While women own shoes en masse, men statistically limit themselves to three pairs of shoes in the closet. Here is the selection and quality of Men’s shoes considerable and includes more than just the sports shoe. Classic men’s shoes are mostly leather shoes and are worn to suit, men’s trousers or even men’s jeans and jacket: Derby, Brouges, Oxford, Chelseaboot, Boat Shoe or Slipper.

The names indicate the origin of the men’s shoes: Since the classic men’s shoes come from England, the country of origin of the gentleman, the Englishmen also gave their names to the men’s shoes. The differences in the different models of men’s shoes are in their style: Is the leather perforated? Do the men’s shoes have a cap and which shape does it have? There are also other characteristics of men’s shoes – such as the type of leather or its processing.

In contrast to the classic men’s shoes are the sporting representatives of Men’s shoes, Since the 80s and 90s, sports shoes have become streetwear. Men’s shoes, which are considered as sneakers or sneakers, have now reached cult status and can already look back on some classic models and over 100 years of history. New men’s shoes often recount the old classics in their style – such as the Chuck Taylor All Star. At the same time they have to assert themselves in a highly competitive market with new styles and current trends.

Winter shoes for men

Winter shoes for men

When winter knocks on the door, it’s high time for cuddly warm shoes that protect your feet from cold and wet. Fashion-conscious Men’s Of course, they want their winter shoes to look really chic.

This is how gentlemen combine their winter shoes

A true winter classic are the so-called boots. They are available in numerous variants. Very popular at Men’s the winter shoes for lacing, made of leather or imitation leather and lined with fur on the inside. Lace-up boots simply have a casual look and go great with jeans. A cool parka makes the outfit perfect. A little more elegant are the so-called Chelsea Boots. The English shoes are also available with feeding. You can even wear them to suit. But you also look really cool with a pair of black jeans and a leather jacket.

Winter shoes for outdoor enthusiastic gentlemen

For gentlemen who like to be particularly casual or sometimes want to walk in the woods, there are a number of cool trekking boots with warm feeding. A striking profile ensures that even on snowy ground best grip is guaranteed. If it gets really cold outside, then the moonboots can be unpacked. They are so thickly lined that even two-digit minus temperatures can not harm you. Incidentally, these men’s winter shoes are also suitable for holidays in Europe’s far north.

Trendy models for an extraordinary look

Most winter shoes for men are equipped with a shaft. But there are also some low-cut models that are fed from the inside. In addition, even sportive men do not have to freeze in winter. Feeding sneakers are becoming more common. There are even Chucks, which are provided with a cuddly Teddyfell.