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Women’s Jackets

Women’s Jackets

Jackets for women

No matter if you call them Caban jackets, Pea Coats or Colanis, today the sturdy double-breasted suit has conquered the fashion capitals as well as the seven seas. The characteristic women’s jackets are indispensable neither from the duffel bag nor from the wardrobe. However, before the Caban jackets became an indispensable classic, this piece of clothing also served as everyday working clothes. At first, they were very popular with Breton fishermen because they offered protection against the adversities of the sea. Later, the jacket with the double-breasted button placket and the wide lapel collar became the trademark of all sailors.

Jackets – Stylish companions on the oceans and in the big cities

The origin of the Pea Coats can be traced back to the 19th century in Brittany. The word “caban” comes from the French and means something like “raincoat” or “jacket”. At that time, the first models served the Breton fishermen as robust and warm working clothes.

Due to the short cut and the windproof wool fabric the sailor jackets offered a special protection against cold, wind and water. They were the perfect companions on the rough and mostly stormy sea. Even the characteristic trademarks such as the double-breasted button placket or the wide lapel collar, which are preserved to this day, had their practical purpose. Soon, the almost indestructible jackets became the standard equipment of all daring fur seals and daring sailors. Even today, some manufacturers leave their Pea Coats sew according to old templates from archives. In these faithfully reproduced jackets, details such as the roomy side pockets or the little storm bolt are not forgotten during production, with which the lapel collar can be folded up at the neck.

Meanwhile, the Caban jackets have become an indispensable classic in fashion. There are countless modern interpretations for style-conscious Ladies, Especially for the transitional period, a pea coat is particularly well suited. In a model made of wool, or a high-quality material mix such as wool and cashmere, you defy even uncomfortable weather. In women’s fashion, the navy jacket also appears in very different styles:

  • Slim and body-accented,
  • straightforward and far,
  • or even in Empire style

Also, the lengths vary significantly: Depending on the current trend, the Cabanjacken end for Ladies at hip height or reach to the middle of the thigh. Whether particularly classic in black or dark navy blue as well as in trend colors such as bordeaux, rust and camel, the women’s jackets come in a variety of nuances. Classic jackets are suitable in the field of business fashion as a jacket over a costume and an elegant women’s blouse. Sporty or colorful variants come into their own in leisure time fashion. Ladies jeans and a cool T-shirt provide the right combination here.