Hanson Delivers Mic-Free Acapella of Bee Gees Hit at Sydney Opera House!

At their Sydney Opera House concert, Hanson delighted fans with an unplugged rendition of the Bee Gees’ “Too Much Heaven,” performed acapella, setting their microphones aside. This intimate version of the song highlighted their vocal prowess and harmonies.

Originally starting as an acapella group, Hanson’s choice to go microphone-free at the acoustically renowned Sydney Opera House resonated with their musical roots. The performance video has attracted over 2.5 million views on YouTube.

Nicole Thompson, a dedicated Hanson follower who posted the video, highlighted that this special encore was a unique treat during their String Theory Tour. The tour was in support of their album “String Theory,” which saw Hanson’s hits reimagined with the Prague Symphony, arranged by David Campbell.

The acapella performance of “Too Much Heaven” was particularly poignant, with Taylor Hanson noting the significance of paying tribute to the Bee Gees, another famous brother trio, and celebrating Australian music heritage. Hanson has also performed this acapella piece at other significant venues, including London’s O2 Arena and Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh.

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