Alvin Lee and Ten Years After Set the Stage on Fire with “Going Home”

“I’m Going Home” is a song by the British blues rock band Ten Years After. It was performed live at the Woodstock Festival in 1969 and later included on the band’s 1970 album “Ssssh.”

The Woodstock performance of “I’m Going Home” is particularly famous and is considered one of the standout moments of the festival. It featured the high-energy guitar work and charismatic stage presence of Ten Years After’s lead guitarist and vocalist, Alvin Lee. Lee’s fast and furious guitar soloing during the performance became legendary and helped establish the band’s reputation.

The song itself is a blues-rock and boogie-tinged track with lyrics that express a desire to go back home and reunite with loved ones. The live version from Woodstock is known for its extended jamming and improvisation, making it an iconic moment in rock history.

“I’m Going Home” remains one of Ten Years After’s most recognizable songs and is often associated with the Woodstock Festival. It’s celebrated for its electrifying live performance and Alvin Lee’s guitar virtuosity.

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