Rainbow’s Haunting Rendition of “Stone Cold”

“Stone Cold” is a rock song by the British rock band Rainbow. It was released in 1982 as part of their album “Straight Between the Eyes.” Here’s some information about the song:

“Stone Cold” is characterized by its melodic and emotional rock sound, featuring the powerful vocals of Joe Lynn Turner and Ritchie Blackmore’s signature guitar work. The song has a slow and bluesy tempo, with a memorable melody and a heartfelt vocal performance. It embodies the classic rock sound of the early 1980s.

Lyrically, “Stone Cold” is a song of heartbreak and lost love. The lyrics convey a sense of sadness and resignation, with lines like “Every night I have the same old dream / ‘Bout you and me and what’s in between.” The song’s emotional depth and Turner’s passionate delivery make it a standout ballad.

“Stone Cold” was a commercial success for Rainbow, reaching No. 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States. Its emotional and melodic qualities struck a chord with audiences and solidified it as one of the band’s signature songs.

The song’s enduring popularity has solidified it as a classic in the world of rock music. Turner’s heartfelt vocals and Blackmore’s expressive guitar solo continue to resonate with listeners, making “Stone Cold” a timeless and cherished rock ballad that showcases Rainbow’s ability to deliver emotional and melodic rock songs.

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