Dave Edmunds Strikes a Chord with “I Hear You Knocking”

“I Hear You Knocking” is a classic rock and roll song performed by the Welsh musician Dave Edmunds. It was released as a single in 1970 and became one of Edmunds’ signature songs. The track is a cover of a 1955 song originally recorded by Smiley Lewis, and Dave Edmunds’ version is known for its energetic and authentic rockabilly sound.

The song’s lyrics convey a sense of romantic longing and desire, with the narrator expressing eagerness to reunite with a lost love who has returned. The repeated refrain of “I hear you knocking, but you can’t come in” adds a playful and catchy element to the song.

Musically, “I Hear You Knocking” features Dave Edmunds’ skilled guitar work, including his impressive slide guitar playing, which contributes to the song’s retro rock and roll vibe. The track has a lively rhythm and a driving beat that makes it a fun and danceable rockabilly tune.

Dave Edmunds’ rendition of “I Hear You Knocking” was a commercial success, reaching high chart positions in the United Kingdom and the United States. The song helped establish him as a prominent figure in the rockabilly and rock and roll revival of the 1970s. It remains a beloved classic in the genre and a testament to Edmunds’ ability to capture the spirit of early rock and roll with authenticity and enthusiasm.

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