‘Taxman’ Strikes a Chord in The Beatles’ Show

“Taxman” is a song by the British rock band The Beatles. It was written by George Harrison and released on their 1966 album “Revolver.” The song is notable for its catchy guitar riff and lyrics that reflect Harrison’s frustration with the high taxes imposed on the band’s earnings.

“Taxman” serves as the album’s opening track and features George Harrison on lead vocals and lead guitar. The song’s lyrics humorously critique the British tax system and the heavy taxation faced by wealthy individuals, including musicians like The Beatles. The opening lines, “Let me tell you how it will be / There’s one for you, nineteen for me,” express the tax rates Harrison was facing at the time.

Musically, “Taxman” has a distinct and memorable guitar riff played by Harrison, which became one of the song’s defining features. The song also includes a notable guitar solo by Paul McCartney, who played a lead guitar part in addition to his usual bass duties.

“Taxman” received critical acclaim and became a popular track from the “Revolver” album. It showcased George Harrison’s growing songwriting prowess and his ability to incorporate social commentary into The Beatles’ music. The song’s themes of taxation and financial concerns were relatable to many listeners, and its catchy melody and instrumentation made it a standout track on the album.

“Taxman” remains a classic Beatles song and is often cited as one of the highlights of the “Revolver” album, which is considered one of the greatest albums in the history of popular music.

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