Heart’s Awe-Inspiring Rendition of “Dog & Butterfly”

“Dog & Butterfly” is a rock song by the American rock band Heart. It was released in 1979 as the title track from their album “Dog & Butterfly.”

The song is known for its melodic and folk-rock-inspired sound, featuring acoustic guitars, harmonious vocals, and the distinctive voice of lead singer Ann Wilson. The lyrics of “Dog & Butterfly” tell a story of freedom and longing, with the imagery of a dog and a butterfly symbolizing the desire for both stability and the freedom to explore. The chorus includes the repeated line, “One goes to the bottom of a lake and the other to the heart of the woman.”

“Dog & Butterfly” was not released as a single, but it became a fan favorite and a staple of Heart’s live performances. The album itself was commercially successful and solidified Heart’s reputation as a prominent rock band of the late 1970s.

The song is often celebrated for its poetic lyrics, Ann Wilson’s emotive vocals, and its folk-infused rock arrangement. It showcases the band’s ability to blend rock with acoustic elements and is a notable track in Heart’s extensive catalog.

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