Peter Gabriel’s Electrifying Rendition of “Sledgehammer”

“Sledgehammer” is a highly acclaimed song by English musician Peter Gabriel, released in 1986 as the lead single from his album “So.” Here’s some information about the song:

“Sledgehammer” is known for its innovative and groundbreaking music video, which featured stop-motion animation, claymation, and a variety of visual effects. Directed by Stephen R. Johnson, the video won several awards, including a record-breaking nine MTV Video Music Awards. It is often regarded as one of the greatest music videos in the history of the medium.

The song itself is a dynamic and infectious track that combines elements of rock, funk, and soul. Peter Gabriel’s distinctive voice and the horn section contribute to its unique sound. Lyrically, “Sledgehammer” is playful and filled with double entendres, featuring themes of desire and attraction.

The song’s success was significant for Peter Gabriel’s career. It became his first No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States and also achieved chart success worldwide. “Sledgehammer” showcased Gabriel’s ability to create music that was both commercially successful and artistically innovative.

Beyond its chart performance, “Sledgehammer” has left a lasting legacy in the world of music and music videos. Its influence on the medium is still evident today, as it paved the way for more creative and visually engaging music videos. The song remains a beloved classic and a testament to Peter Gabriel’s artistic vision and musical talent.

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