Deep Purple Paints a Musical Portrait of “Woman from Tokyo”

“Woman from Tokyo” is a rock song by the British rock band Deep Purple. It was released in 1973 as a single and later appeared on their album “Who Do We Think We Are,” which was released the same year.

“Woman from Tokyo” is characterized by its catchy guitar riff, driving rhythm, and Ian Gillan’s distinctive vocals. The song’s lyrics describe a woman from the Japanese city of Tokyo and evoke a sense of mystery and allure. The chorus features the repeated line, “My woman from Tokyo, she makes me see / My woman from Tokyo, she’s so good to me.”

The song was a commercial success and became one of Deep Purple’s hit singles. It received significant airplay on rock radio stations and contributed to the band’s popularity during the 1970s. The album “Who Do We Think We Are” also performed well on the charts.

“Woman from Tokyo” remains a fan favorite and is often included in Deep Purple’s live performances. Its catchy melody and memorable guitar riff have made it a classic of the rock genre, and it continues to be celebrated for its energetic and infectious sound.

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