Beatles Cast a Mesmerizing Spell with “Cry Baby Cry”

“Cry Baby Cry” is a song by the English rock band The Beatles. It appears on their iconic 1968 double album, “The Beatles,” also known as the “White Album.” The song was primarily written by John Lennon, with contributions from Paul McCartney.

“Cry Baby Cry” is a relatively understated and melancholic track, featuring Lennon’s distinctively plaintive vocals and a simple, fingerpicked acoustic guitar arrangement. The lyrics evoke a sense of sadness and mystery, with cryptic and surreal imagery. The opening lines, “Cry, baby, cry / Make your mother sigh,” set the tone for a haunting and somewhat eerie atmosphere.

The song segues into a brief spoken-word piece by McCartney, titled “Can You Take Me Back,” before concluding with a repeating refrain of “The king of Marigold was in the kitchen cooking breakfast for the queen.” This whimsical and mysterious songwriting style was characteristic of the late 1960s Beatles, especially during the recording of the “White Album.”

“Cry Baby Cry” is often considered one of the less well-known tracks on the album, given the abundance of standout songs it contains. Nevertheless, it’s appreciated for its unique and haunting quality, showcasing the Beatles’ willingness to experiment with different musical styles and lyrical approaches during this period.

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