When Rod Stewart Astonished Guests with an Impromptu Live Show at a Wedding

Rod Stewart is famous for his unexpected performances, and his spontaneous act at a Las Vegas wedding is the latest addition to his collection of unexpected appearances. Liverpool’s own Andrew Aitchison and Sharon Cook faced a significant hurdle when their Las Vegas wedding plans were jeopardized by the bankruptcy of their travel provider, Thomas Cook.

However, the couple’s dismay was short-lived as Delta Airlines and Caesars Palace intervened, ensuring that the couple, along with their guests, could still experience their dream wedding in Las Vegas. The climax of their extraordinary day came when Sir Rod Stewart unexpectedly showed up to delight the couple.

In a touching scene, right after Andrew and Sharon had said their “I dos,” Rod Stewart emerged, ready to enchant the couple with his performance of “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You.” Caught off guard by this surprising gesture, the couple was elated to have a music icon celebrate their love with them.

The day that started with potential disappointment turned into a fairy tale for Andrew and Sharon, thanks to Rod Stewart’s memorable intervention. The couple was effusive in their thanks, with Andrew lauding Rod as an icon and Sharon praising him for making her feel cherished on their significant day.

This uplifting tale highlights the incredible impact of kindness and the extraordinary lengths Caesars Palace, Delta Airlines, and Rod Stewart went to in order to convert a couple’s unfortunate situation into a joyful celebration. Cheers to Andrew and Sharon for a future filled with happiness, and to the kind-hearted individuals who helped make their wedding day unforgettable.

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