Georgia Satellites’ Energetic Rendition of “Keep Your Hands To Yourself”

“Keep Your Hands to Yourself” is a rock song by the American rock band Georgia Satellites. It was released as a single from their 1986 self-titled debut album, “Georgia Satellites.” The song quickly became the band’s signature hit and a classic of 1980s rock music.

The song is characterized by its infectious, upbeat rhythm, catchy guitar riffs, and the distinctive twangy vocals of lead singer and guitarist Dan Baird. Lyrically, “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” is a playful and flirtatious tune, with the singer expressing his desire for physical affection from his love interest.

The chorus of the song is particularly memorable, with Baird singing the catchy refrain, “Keep your hands to yourself!” The simplicity and catchy nature of the song contributed to its widespread popularity and enduring status as a rock classic.

“Keep Your Hands to Yourself” received significant radio airplay and MTV rotation during the mid-1980s, helping the Georgia Satellites gain recognition and success. The song remains a staple of classic rock radio and is often covered by other artists due to its timeless appeal and catchy melody. It’s a prime example of the band’s straightforward and energetic rock and roll sound.

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