The song Stevie Nicks wishes was written about her

From an early age, Stevie Nicks was surrounded by rock, folk, and doo-wop music, setting the foundation for the legendary musician we all admire today. Her family loved music, which sparked and nurtured her passion from the start.

Stevie Nicks is a big name in rock history, and her thoughts on what influenced her music are really interesting. Looking into the artists and experiences that shaped her gives us a special look into how she became a rock star.

Jackson Browne, known for his folk-rock music and great songwriting, is one of her influences. Stevie joked that she wished his song ‘That Girl Could Sing’ was about her, seeing herself in its words. “I’ve always hoped he had me in mind when he wrote that song, especially lines like ‘She was a friend to me when I needed one’,” Stevie said, showing how much she connects with his words.

She also loves ‘Somebody’s Baby’, which Browne co-wrote with Danny Kortchmar for the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Stevie says Browne helped her learn how to write love songs. But her inspiration doesn’t stop with him; she’s also inspired by Joni Mitchell’s talent for fitting so many words into one line smoothly.

Stevie is also influenced by amazing female musicians like Kate Bush and her song ‘Running Up That Hill’. “When I heard it, I thought, ‘I want to cover this’,” Stevie shared. But she also said, “Sometimes, you realize you can’t do better than the original. With Kate Bush, that’s often true.”

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