The Chambers Brothers Set the Stage Ablaze with “Time Has Come Today”

“Time Has Come Today” is a rock song by the American psychedelic rock band The Chambers Brothers. It was released in 1967 as part of their album “The Time Has Come.” The song is known for its distinctive and experimental sound, extended length, and its place in the psychedelic rock genre.

Lyrically, “Time Has Come Today” is a song that reflects the turbulence and social change of the 1960s. The lyrics convey a sense of unrest and the idea that change is inevitable. The song’s title phrase, “Time has come today,” serves as a proclamation that the moment for change and self-discovery has arrived.

Musically, the song features an experimental and eclectic arrangement that includes psychedelic rock, soul, and gospel influences. The song is notable for its extended instrumental sections, including an extended drum solo, which contributes to its improvisational and free-flowing quality.

“Time Has Come Today” became one of The Chambers Brothers’ most iconic songs and received critical acclaim for its innovative and genre-blending approach. It is often cited as a classic of the psychedelic rock era and is recognized for its cultural and historical significance in reflecting the spirit of the 1960s. The song’s blend of experimental musicality and social commentary has solidified its status as a groundbreaking and enduring part of rock music history.

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