(Eddie Van Halen style) | Gentle 64-Year-Old Kenny Petrie Astonishes with Electrifying Performance on Britain’s Got Talent

Kenny Petrie, at the age of 64, began his Britain’s Got Talent audition unassumingly, carefully opening a guitar case on stage. However, it wasn’t long before judge David Walliams was praising him as a rock deity. Petrie’s mastery of the guitar became evident as he energetically performed Aerosmith’s iconic “Walk This Way” riff, quickly energizing the audience.

The Scottish executive showcased his versatile guitar skills, impressing everyone with a dynamic wah solo and incorporating rapid finger tapping reminiscent of Eddie Van Halen. His performance was a succession of engaging melodies that had the audience ecstatic. Throughout, Petrie’s joyful demeanor and palpable passion had a contagious effect, even bringing a delighted smile to Simon Cowell’s face.

Cowell captured the audience’s astonishment, commenting on the unexpected nature of Petrie’s performance. Walliams added to the accolades, highlighting the contrast between Petrie’s calm demeanor and his electrifying performance. The judges, including Cowell, Amanda Holden, and Alesha Dixon, unanimously praised Petrie, each giving him a resounding yes for his memorable audition. This audition mirrored a similar surprise performance by John Wines, also known as Old Grey Guitarist, on America’s Got Talent, as seen in the following video.

Petrie’s performance quickly became a sensation online, captivating over 5.6 million viewers. Admirers lauded his guitar skills in the comments, with many inspired by his joy and energy. Petrie’s musical journey is notable, having started playing guitar in 1969 after being inspired by Jimi Hendrix. He has since performed regularly with his band, Mr Spankey and the Hipthrusters, and is affectionately known as The Reverend Kenny Petrie, a moniker reflecting his stage persona rather than a clerical position.

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