The Beatles Take the Audience by Storm with “Hey Bulldog”

“Hey Bulldog” is a rock song by the British rock band The Beatles. It was released in 1969 as part of the album and soundtrack for the animated film “Yellow Submarine.” Here’s some information about the song:

“Hey Bulldog” is characterized by its upbeat and energetic rock sound, featuring John Lennon’s distinctive vocals and a prominent bassline played by Paul McCartney. The song has a playful and raucous quality, with a catchy melody and a driving rhythm. It showcases The Beatles’ ability to create infectious rock and roll tracks.

Lyrically, “Hey Bulldog” is a whimsical and nonsensical song that includes playful and humorous wordplay. The lyrics are often interpreted as a conversation between Lennon and McCartney’s alter ego, “Bulldog,” with nonsensical and playful lines like “Hey, man, what’s that noise? / It’ll turn you into a human being.”

“Hey Bulldog” was originally recorded as a promotional film clip for the “Yellow Submarine” animated movie. The recording session was notable for capturing The Beatles’ camaraderie and humor in the studio, as evidenced by the banter and playful comments heard on the recording.

While “Hey Bulldog” was not released as a single in most regions, it has become a fan favorite and is celebrated for its lively and infectious sound. Its inclusion in the “Yellow Submarine” film and soundtrack has solidified its place in The Beatles’ catalog as a beloved and spirited track that showcases the band’s sense of fun and musical prowess.

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