Led Zeppelin’s Magical Rendition of “Hey Hey What Can I Do”

“Hey Hey What Can I Do” is a rock song by the legendary British rock band Led Zeppelin. It was recorded during the sessions for their 1970 album “Led Zeppelin III” but was not included on the original release of the album. Instead, it was released as the B-side to the “Immigrant Song” single. Over time, it has become a fan favorite and an essential part of Led Zeppelin’s catalog.

Lyrically, “Hey Hey What Can I Do” tells the story of a man who finds himself in a complicated romantic situation. He is involved with a woman who is already in a relationship, and he grapples with the moral dilemma of being the “other man.” The lyrics convey a sense of longing and the desire for escape, while also reflecting on the consequences of one’s actions.

Musically, the song features a folk-rock sound with acoustic guitar at the forefront. Led Zeppelin, known for their blues and hard rock influences, showcased their versatility by delving into folkier territory with this track. Robert Plant’s vocals are soulful and emotive, and John Paul Jones’ mandolin playing adds to the song’s unique texture.

“Hey Hey What Can I Do” has gained a cult following among Led Zeppelin fans and is often regarded as one of the band’s hidden gems. Its omission from the original “Led Zeppelin III” album release has only added to its mystique, and it has since been included in various compilations and reissues. The song’s blend of folk and rock elements, along with its poignant lyrics, make it a standout track in Led Zeppelin’s repertoire, demonstrating the band’s musical depth and creativity.

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