The Animals’ Legendary Take on “House Of The Rising Sun”

“House of the Rising Sun” is a classic folk-rock song famously performed by the British band The Animals. Released in 1964 as a single and later included on their debut album, “The Animals,” the song is known for its haunting melody, emotionally charged vocals, and timeless appeal.

The song is often associated with traditional folk music, but The Animals’ rendition gave it a unique rock and blues-infused sound. The distinctive arrangement features Eric Burdon’s powerful and soulful vocals, Alan Price’s haunting organ playing, and Hilton Valentine’s memorable guitar work, which includes the iconic opening arpeggio. The song’s melancholic and atmospheric qualities set it apart from many of the band’s contemporaries.

Lyrically, “House of the Rising Sun” tells the story of a person’s tragic descent into a life of vice and despair in New Orleans. The titular “House of the Rising Sun” is portrayed as a place of ruin and moral decay. The lyrics are sung from the perspective of someone who has been drawn into this destructive lifestyle, reflecting the song’s dark and somber themes.

“House of the Rising Sun” became a massive hit for The Animals, reaching the number one spot on both the UK and US charts. Its success helped establish the band’s reputation and is often considered one of the greatest songs in rock history. The song’s enduring popularity has led to countless covers and adaptations by artists from various genres, cementing its status as a timeless classic in the world of music.

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