Warren Zevon’s Playful Take on “Werewolves of London”

“Werewolves of London” is a classic rock song by Warren Zevon, released in 1978 as a single from his album “Excitable Boy.” The song has since become one of Zevon’s most well-known and beloved hits.

With its catchy, piano-driven melody and distinctive opening guitar riff, “Werewolves of London” immediately captivates listeners. The lyrics tell a quirky and humorous story about encounters with werewolves in London’s streets, leaving a lasting impression with its whimsical and memorable lines.

Zevon’s sharp and witty songwriting shines through in this track, creating vivid and unexpected imagery. The chorus, with its catchy refrain of “Werewolves of London, ah-oo,” quickly became a sing-along anthem for fans.

The song incorporates a rock ‘n’ roll sound with elements of folk and blues, showcasing Zevon’s eclectic musical style. His distinctive raspy and smoky vocals add character to the track, adding to its charm and appeal.

“Werewolves of London” encapsulates Zevon’s ability to blend humor and storytelling in his songwriting, making it a timeless favorite among music fans. It continues to be celebrated for its catchy melodies, playful lyrics, and the enduring legacy of Warren Zevon.

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