Asia Delivers a Stunning Rendition of “Only Time Will Tell”

“Only Time Will Tell” is a song by the British rock band Asia. It was released in 1982 as a single from their self-titled debut album, “Asia.” The song became one of Asia’s most popular and enduring hits.

“Only Time Will Tell” is characterized by its melodic rock sound, featuring the vocals of John Wetton and the keyboard work of Geoff Downes, both of whom were prominent members of the band. The song’s melody is catchy and radio-friendly, with a memorable chorus.

Lyrically, “Only Time Will Tell” is a song of longing and reflection. The lyrics convey a sense of uncertainty about the future of a relationship, with the narrator expressing hope that time will bring clarity and resolution.

The song received significant radio airplay and became a charting hit in several countries. “Asia” was a commercially successful album, and “Only Time Will Tell” played a crucial role in introducing the band to a global audience. The song remains a classic of the 1980s rock era and is celebrated for its melodic and accessible sound.

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