The Doors’ Haunting Rendition of “The WASP”

“W.A.S.P.” is a song by The Doors from their fifth studio album, “Morrison Hotel,” released in 1970. The song was written by the band’s vocalist, Jim Morrison.

“W.A.S.P.” stands for “White Anglo-Saxon Protestant,” and the song addresses the idea of privilege and the societal issues related to race and class in the United States. In the song, Jim Morrison sings about the disparities and injustices faced by different segments of society.

“Morrison Hotel” marked a return to a more bluesy and rock-oriented sound for The Doors, moving away from some of the experimental styles explored in their previous albums. “W.A.S.P.” is a reflection of this shift and is characterized by its driving rhythm and bluesy guitar work.

While “W.A.S.P.” may not be as well-known as some of The Doors’ biggest hits, it’s still appreciated for its social commentary and its place within the broader context of the band’s discography. The album “Morrison Hotel” as a whole is regarded as a strong release in The Doors’ catalog, showcasing their ability to excel in various musical styles.

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