Them and Van Morrison’s Epic Live Show of “Gloria”

“Gloria” is a rock song written by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison and originally performed by his band Them. It was released in 1964 as a single and later appeared on their debut album, “The Angry Young Them.” The song is known for its raw and energetic rock sound, Van Morrison’s passionate vocals, and its place in the rock and garage rock genres.

Lyrically, “Gloria” is a straightforward and repetitive song that centers on the repeated refrain of the word “Gloria.” The lyrics are minimal but convey a sense of lust and desire as the narrator calls out to a woman named Gloria. The song’s simplicity and catchy repetition make it memorable and easy to sing along to.

Musically, “Gloria” features a raw and bluesy rock arrangement with Van Morrison’s gritty and powerful vocals, a prominent guitar riff, and a driving rhythm section. The song is characterized by its infectious energy and straightforward rock and roll approach.

“Gloria” has become a classic of the rock genre and is considered one of the signature songs of the 1960s garage rock movement. It has been covered by numerous artists and bands over the years, cementing its status as a rock and roll standard. The song’s themes of desire and its infectious rock musicality make it an enduring and iconic track in the world of rock and garage rock music.

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