John Mellencamp Pours Heart and Soul into “Hurts So Good”

“Hurts So Good” is a rock song by American singer-songwriter John Mellencamp (formerly known as John Cougar Mellencamp). It was released in 1982 as a single from his album “American Fool.”

“Hurts So Good” is characterized by its upbeat and catchy rock sound, featuring prominent guitar riffs and Mellencamp’s raspy vocals. The song’s lyrics describe a passionate and tumultuous romantic relationship, with the singer acknowledging that the pain and difficulty of love are part of what makes it so appealing. The chorus includes the memorable line, “Sometimes love don’t feel like it should, you make it hurt so good.”

The song was a commercial success and became one of John Mellencamp’s signature hits. It reached the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and helped establish him as a prominent figure in American rock music during the 1980s.

“Hurts So Good” is celebrated for its infectious melody and relatable lyrics about the complexities of love and attraction. It remains a classic of the rock genre and is often included in Mellencamp’s live performances and on classic rock radio playlists.

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