The Yardbirds’ Electrifying Performance of “Heart Full of Soul”

“Heart Full of Soul” is a song by the English rock band The Yardbirds. It was released as a single in 1965 and later included on their album “Having a Rave Up with The Yardbirds.” The song is notable for its fusion of rock and blues elements, and it features prominent guitar work.

“Heart Full of Soul” was written by Graham Gouldman, who later became a member of the band 10cc. The song features Jeff Beck on lead guitar, and his performance is one of the standout features of the track. Beck’s guitar work incorporates Eastern musical influences, giving the song a unique and exotic sound.

Lyrically, “Heart Full of Soul” is a song of romantic longing, with the narrator expressing his desire for a love interest who is mysterious and captivating. The song’s title phrase, “Heart full of soul,” is repeated throughout, conveying a sense of deep emotion and passion.

The Yardbirds were known for their innovative approach to rock music, and “Heart Full of Soul” is a prime example of their willingness to experiment with different musical styles and sounds. The song’s distinctive guitar work and blend of blues and Eastern elements set it apart and make it a classic of the mid-1960s rock era.

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