Prince William and Taylor Swift team up with Bon Jovi for a rendition of “Livin’ On A Prayer.”

At the 2013 Centrepoint Gala Dinner held at Kensington Palace, Jon Bon Jovi played a brief set and had a surprise for the audience. While starting to play his band’s iconic tune “Livin’ on a Prayer,” he hinted at a unique collaboration. He suggested that the “karaoke kid” might want to join him for a song, revealing that this “kid” was none other than Prince William, who supports the Centrepoint charity for the homeless.

As Bon Jovi played, Taylor Swift and Prince William stood by him, chiming in with the chorus. Prince William, initially hesitant and quiet, needed a little encouragement from Swift to move closer to the mic. With time, he found his voice, especially singing alongside Swift, a globally recognized music icon. The performance concluded with Prince William and Swift gracefully leaving the stage together.

Prince William later shared that this moment boosted his self-assurance. He acknowledged his initial stage fright and reluctance, which Swift helped him overcome. Forgetting the lyrics to one of his favorite songs didn’t deter him; instead, the experience taught him the importance of being able to laugh at oneself.

“Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi, a hit since its 1986 release and a second US Billboard Number 1 for the band, continues to be a fan favorite with over 1.1 billion YouTube views. This special rendition at Kensington Palace added a royal touch to the song’s legacy, showcasing its enduring appeal.

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