The Beatles’ Mystical Revelation in “Glass Onion”

“Glass Onion” is a song by the Beatles, written by John Lennon (credited to Lennon-McCartney). It was released in 1968 as part of their album “The Beatles,” commonly referred to as the “White Album.” The song is known for its surreal and cryptic lyrics, as well as its complex musical arrangement.

Lyrically, “Glass Onion” is a song that references and alludes to several other Beatles songs and elements from their career. The lyrics contain a mix of self-referential lines, wordplay, and imagery that make it somewhat enigmatic. For example, the song opens with the line “I told you ’bout the walrus and me, man,” which is a reference to the song “I Am the Walrus.” Throughout the song, Lennon makes various allusions to previous Beatles songs, almost like a self-aware commentary on their own work.

Musically, “Glass Onion” features a layered and intricate arrangement with a catchy melody. It includes elements of rock and psychedelia, with a mix of acoustic and electric guitars, drums, and Lennon’s distinctive vocal delivery.

“Glass Onion” is often seen as a playful and self-referential song that provides fans with glimpses into Lennon’s creative process and the band’s history. Its cryptic lyrics have led to various interpretations, and it remains a fascinating and unique entry in the Beatles’ catalog.

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