The Rolling Stones’ Legendary Feel-Good Hit “Happy”

“Happy” is a song by the iconic British rock band The Rolling Stones. It appears on their 1972 double album, “Exile on Main St.” The song is notable for its energetic and bluesy rock sound, characteristic of the Rolling Stones’ style.

“Happy” was written by the band’s lead vocalist, Mick Jagger, and guitarist, Keith Richards. The song features Jagger on lead vocals and harmonica, Richards on guitar, and the rest of the band providing a tight and rhythmic backing.

Lyrically, “Happy” is an upbeat and defiant song. It conveys a sense of contentment and self-assuredness, with Jagger singing about not needing too much to make him happy, as long as he has the love of a good woman. The song’s chorus, with Jagger declaring, “I need a love to keep me happy,” is both catchy and anthemic.

“Happy” became a concert favorite for the Rolling Stones, and it was performed regularly during their live shows. The song’s lively and infectious energy made it a standout track on the “Exile on Main St.” album, which is often considered one of the band’s greatest achievements.

“Exile on Main St.” and songs like “Happy” continue to be celebrated as classics in the rock canon, and the Rolling Stones’ enduring popularity ensures that these songs are still enjoyed by music fans around the world.

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