Alice Cooper Unleashes the Youthful Fury in “I’m Eighteen”

“I’m Eighteen” is a classic rock song by American singer Alice Cooper. It was released in 1970 as the band Alice Cooper’s first major hit single, and it played a pivotal role in establishing Cooper’s career as a prominent figure in the glam rock and shock rock genres.

The song’s lyrics, penned by Cooper along with the band’s guitarist Michael Bruce and drummer Glen Buxton, revolve around the theme of adolescent angst and confusion. The protagonist expresses feelings of uncertainty and the challenges of transitioning from adolescence to adulthood, a sentiment that resonated with many young people at the time.

“I’m Eighteen” is known for its catchy, hard-hitting guitar riff and Cooper’s distinctive, raspy vocals. The song features a driving rock sound with a prominent use of power chords, contributing to its enduring popularity and status as a rock classic.

Alice Cooper’s live performances, often characterized by theatrical and macabre elements, further solidified the song’s place in rock history. “I’m Eighteen” remains a staple in Cooper’s live shows and has continued to be celebrated by fans of classic rock, making it one of his most iconic and enduring songs.

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