Jefferson Starship’s Electrifying Performance of ‘Jane’

“Jane” is a song by Jefferson Starship, an American rock band that emerged from the San Francisco music scene. The song was released as a single and appeared on the band’s 1979 album titled “Freedom at Point Zero.”

“Jane” is one of Jefferson Starship’s most well-known and enduring hits. It’s known for its energetic and catchy rock sound, driven by powerful guitar riffs and soaring vocals. The song was written by David Freiberg, Jim McPherson, and Craig Chaquico, members of the band at the time.

The lyrics of “Jane” tell the story of a woman named Jane who is described as a “legendary lady” and the object of desire and fascination. The song’s chorus features the memorable lines, “Jane, you say it’s all over / For you and me, girl / There’s a time for love / And a time for lettin’ it be, baby.” The song’s passionate and anthemic sound made it a radio favorite and a staple of Jefferson Starship’s live performances.

“Jane” remains one of the band’s signature songs and is often associated with their transition from the earlier Jefferson Airplane to Jefferson Starship, reflecting the evolving sound and style of the group during that period.

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