Sting’s voice perfectly complements “Big Man on Mulberry Street” in a stunning performance with Billy Joel

In 2024, Billy Joel made a powerful comeback with his first single in over a decade, “Turn the Lights Back On”. To add excitement to his live performances, he enlisted the help of his famous friend, Sting, for a special appearance on Joel’s lesser-known track “Big Man on Mulberry Street”. This collaboration came to life during a joint concert at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, on February 24, 2024.

Sting captivated the audience, dressed in a sleek silver suit and a black fedora, setting the perfect tone for their jazz-infused performance. The duo shared the spotlight, with Sting taking the lead vocals at times, while Joel accompanied him on the grand piano. Sting’s enthusiasm was palpable, engaging with both the band and the audience, and showcasing his dance skills.

The concert was a feast for the fans, with Sting delivering a 16-song set and Joel performing 24 songs, including his classic hits and cover versions like The Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up” and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. Adding to the star-studded event, Sting brought out rapper Shaggy for a duet on “Englishman in New York”.

Joel also made a guest appearance during Sting’s set, singing the opening of “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”. Joel sang the lead for the first verse and chorus, while Sting played bass and provided backup vocals, then they switched roles for the second verse.

Introducing Sting, Joel reminisced about first seeing him perform in the late seventies and expressed his enduring admiration. The onstage chemistry between Joel and Sting was undeniable, offering the audience a unique experience to hear two legendary voices together.

Later, Joel humorously shared his apprehension about hitting the high notes in “An Innocent Man” at the age of 74, asking the audience for their prayers. The performances proved Joel’s vocal prowess remains undiminished.

For fans wanting to stay updated on Billy Joel’s latest, his social media pages on Facebook and Instagram offer behind-the-scenes content, news on upcoming shows, new music, and glimpses into memorable collaborations like the one with Sting.

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