Cream’s Bluesy Resonance in “Born Under A Bad Sign”

“Born Under a Bad Sign” is a blues song originally written by William Bell and Booker T. Jones and first recorded by Albert King in 1967. It’s not associated with the British rock band Cream. The song has become a blues classic and has been covered by numerous artists over the years.

The song’s lyrics convey a sense of bad luck and misfortune, with the narrator feeling as though they were born with a curse or bad sign over their life. It’s a bluesy lament about facing adversity and hardship.

Musically, “Born Under a Bad Sign” is characterized by its bluesy guitar riffs and a slow, soulful groove. Albert King’s guitar playing and powerful vocals are central to the song’s appeal. The song’s memorable guitar riff and the emotional depth of King’s performance have made it a beloved classic in the blues genre.

While Cream, led by Eric Clapton, was known for their blues-influenced rock music, they didn’t record “Born Under a Bad Sign” as part of their discography. Instead, the song is closely associated with Albert King’s rendition and has been covered by various artists in the blues and rock genres.

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